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The SPEED 2000 is standard equipped with a sidecar brake and stainless steel brake hoses. EML uses stainless steel brake hoses for the sidecar and the motorcycle modification, the lug nuts are made of stainless steel as well.

The already familiar H.C.A.D. suspension system has been fitted with a new shock absorber, which can be adjusted manually (return damping) in order to create even better road holding qualities. This shock absorber is made of stainless steel and aluminium.

  • Length: 216 cm

  • Width: 107 cm

  • Luggage-room Volume: 240 liter

  • Seat-width Effective: 73 cm


The H.C.A.D. (High Comfort Anti Dive) sidecar suspension system brings a new dimension to sidecar riding.

There is much left to be desired in regard to the ride comfort of sidecars. Due to the rigid suspension which most of the present sidecars are equipped with, the passenger feels the rough and unevenness of road surfaces. This caused by the short stroke suspension.
The H.C.A.D.
suspension system in combination with the new EML developed shock absorber of which the return damping can be manual adjusted, results in a suspension stroke of 100 mm.

This suspension system will provide you and your passenger(s) added pleasure in riding.

BRAKE SYSTEM: 2-piston brake calliper with 200 mm brake disc and stainless steel brake hoses

SIDECAR WHEEL: A 14” inch 165/65R14 Michelin tire mounted on an EML manufactured wheel. The wheel is mounted with stainless steel lug nuts.

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